Jen Reich

“A body of matter cannot disappear completely. It only changes its form, condition, composition, color and other properties and turns into a different complex or elementary matter.”
We exist as organizations of matter, experiences, emotion, continuously changing over time.
Organization within the body is defined as the conversion of an amorphous substance, such as a blood clot, into organized tissue. As the edges of a wound heal into a scar, tissue normally covered by skin interacts with air, develops a different density and surface while remaining in the same place as before - we are changed by interactions.
Small forms, bodies, shifting through time and energy, tiny microcosms of experience, dissolving into images and emotional responses - collective matter of experience, the familiar; their journey is defined in their aging process. Through the correlation to the process our bodies undergo, the vulnerability, strength, pain and beauty are exposed, emerging in the captive moments in the lives of the forms
Through reflection on associations with tastes, flavors may be isolated, their origins identified. Art creates a fusion of feelings, knowledge, and the past; by teasing apart experience into elements, a deeper sense of origins grows, of and within ourselves, in time and in space.